Sunday, 29 September 2013

Textbooks Are a Necessity for Schooling

Whether for elementary school, high school or college, textbooks are a necessity. They help students to understand subjects better and serve as a great study guide for tests. Students who own or rent and use their books tend to do better in school than those who do not. Renting texts is an option which has grown in popularity over the past few years. As long as the student has sole use of the book, it will not matter which method is used.
Teachers want their students to have textbooks. Some teachers follow them thoroughly and teach each lesson in them from beginning to end. In classes like this, it is very important to own a book. If a student misses a class, they can easily catch up by reading it. However, if a student does not own a book in a class like this, they will most likely fail due to not being able to follow the class properly. Borrowing one may be a temporary fix, but will likely be ineffective beyond the first test day.
There are other teachers, especially in college, who do not necessarily teach straight from the book, but require students to have one. These teachers tend to assign readings from the book that go along with what they are teaching in class. They also pull test questions from the books just to assure that students are doing their required readings and fully understanding what is being taught and discussed in class. There are some students who simply borrow books from other students, but this is not the best idea since that makes it more difficult to study and do readings which are assigned.

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